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Before I got to bed at night and first thing in the morning, I find my place of "Purity." I find my moment to cleanse from the day's toxins and wash away the toil and sweat. I am refreshed. As I lie down, my face touches my pillow with the confidence of knowing I am clean - not one smudge.  I say my prayers and release any negativity from the day. Unforgiveness, pain, stress, worry, and any other sin has no place in me tonight. I am pure.

And as I rise in the morning and splash my face with the warmest water I can stand, I am awakened again. I rub on my foaming cleanser, like a puffy cloud on a bright, sunny day. My complexion is pure and glowing. I don't even need foundation anymore--just a drop of serum, eye liner, concealer, maybe a touch of mascara and definition on my brow... Nothing heavy is on my skin. I feel clean, pure, and refreshed. At last, finding my moment of devotion, I am quiet before God, as I abide in His presence through meditation on his Word before starting my day.

Now you... man, woman, boy or girl... Awaken and go to rest with a heart, mind and face that feels completely and totally pure. Grab a trial size of Purity to see how it works for you.  Shop the My Petals of Grace Collection at www.mypetalsofgrace.com. 
<![CDATA[Why Create Creams and Oils?]]>Wed, 28 Mar 2018 23:36:21 GMThttps://latonyamcelroy.com/journal/why-create-creams-and-oilsCreating oils and creams came from pure inspiration--like a God-inspiration!  Why use chemicals and things that I can't trust, when I can use all natural, well-known, safe ingredients and make them myself at home. I love pure and natural things, I LOVE flowers, and I love when my home smells heavenly. I enjoyed experiencing essential oils and what they did for me so much, that I wanted to share! If I find anything good, I share. As a woman and mom, the last person I minister to is myself. These oils and lotions have become personal ministry for me and BY me. I get fulfillment from making them, and I feel rich when I use them! If you enjoy the experience you have, the feeling you get from these blends, please share! ]]>