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To say that I poured my heart into my work in corporate would be a huge understatement. I had no idea what I was in for, when after working 10-hour days, plus, for 17 years turned into nothing -- simply vanished. What had just happened? Where the heck was I? No job; no income... but, I had an idea and faith in God. 

But first, to take care of our team... Our team was in the same situation, and to leave them without support, regardless of anything, was not an option. So, I yet poured my heart into trying to support everyone I could through the process. I was last on my list. That's when 10-hour days became 20-hour days. Only by the grace of God have I been sustained. Maybe it's just the culumination of the entire ugly situation, but my fridge is screaming to be cleaned, laundry is on life support, my fish tanks are low on water, and I am still maintaining my new Young Adult bible study online, supporting my children's activities, and trying to stay connected with family, but this is literally unimaginable! Not to mention the frustration of not being able to solve some of the problems so many others are facing, still looking for work. I won't give up trying...

With everthing, my heart will not fail. I am using what is in my hands! I had originally filed for my LLC so that my new book and speakng engagements could be separated into business income and I'd have a little personal protection. I had no idea I'd need the LLC for THIS!

Here I am - serving you and serving others, doing what I do better than anyone I know -- taking care of people/serving. I am thankful for the opportunities that are before me. I dare not complain. Gratitude attracts God's goodness. So, my joy is to endure this season of downturn, because I know that greater is coming for all of those impacted by this blow.

Let's do and build great things together. Let me serve you.  Allow me to network and partner with you in other ways. Let's show the world that good always triumphs.